10 Painters to Follow on Instagram Right Now

10 Painters to Follow on Instagram Right Now @creativestart

These days, scrolling your Instagram feed can bring up a lot of feelings - and lets face it, not all of those feelings are great. Thats why I make it a point to follow a lot of inspiring creatives. Seeing makers in their element, sharing their work, their behind the scenes and a little bit of their personal lives, fires me up so much! Its such a great reminder that because of the internet and the awesome platforms available to us we all have the opportunity to share who we are and find the communities that lift us up.

For the next few months I am going to round up some of these creatives that keep my feed feeing fun and inspiring - starting today with.. Painters! Check them out below and then come over to @creativestart to tell me all about yours :)


Heather Day is a San Francisco based painter who’s work and palette I find incredibly inspiring. I love her colors and her shapes. I love the sketches she shares of the things that inspire her out in nature. She hosts dinners in her studio space (that I would someday dream to attend!). Heather does an amazing job or really sharing her whole life as a painter in a way that makes me feel very connected to her and her work.


I discovered Maja Dlugolecki as I fell down a rabbit hole of painters while searching for new inspiration and I am so glad I did. Her colors are bright and her application feels chunky and substantial in an almost graphic way. She’s also been doing some cool murals and walls lately and its so fun to watch her videos.


I literally just landed on Julie Battisti’s page a couple days ago and a was blown away by the richness of the colors and textures in her feed. Most painters I follow paint abstracts and use really bright colors and whites, so it was so refreshing to see someone painting very realistically and with such depth and moodiness to the colors. Also how real do those clouds look?!


Sam Malpass has this awesome surfer girl vibe that comes through all her work. Her paintings and style feel laid back and earthy but also sophisticated. She has a level of effortlessness that makes herself and her work feel cool and calm. Very inspiring.


I mean how can you look at Kindah Khalidy’s work and not feel happy?! It’s playful and bright and full of so much life. She’s also in a great point in her career where she is getting to do fun collaborations, and its inspiring to watch creatives crushing it like she is - when we see it happen for someone, that means its accessible for all of us!


I’ve been following Belinda Marshall for a while now and I just love her soothing color palettes. Her work feels like a breath of fresh spring air to me. So refreshing. I also really like the way she set up her business selling prints of her work - I think its a smart model for other painters to check out.


I discovered Ashley Mary while searching for artists to collaborate with in my work at Manduka Yoga. We turned one of her paintings into a mat, and now it’s one of my favorite to practice on! Since then I’ve fallen even more for her feed and her work - it’s bright, happy and full of personality. Plus she’s always wearing the most fabulous earrings ;)


Her name is Courtney, she has dachshunds, and she’s a creative. What else can I say? Okay for the rest of you, Courtney Burden has an adorable feed full of her paintings and behind the scenes. She also works a lot with Brit + Co and has a cute line of t-shirts beyond her paintings, so its fun to see ways creatives can diversify their income.


Sarah Delaney is a Vancouver based abstract painter that I just found while writing this post. I am so glad I did! I love her neutral and natural feeling colors in her paintings and the textures that you feel coming from her feed. It all feels very organic and warm.


I just discovered Maggi McDonald and oh man do I love her colors and shapes! She is Australia based and her work is bright, fresh and graphic. She sells her work in originals and prints and also teaches workshops, which are great business avenues for creatives. A fun and refreshing feed!

How about you? Who is your favorite painter to follow? Are you a painter?

Come let me know @creativestart so I can share the love! xx, Cort

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