8 Tricks to Reignite Your Creative Spark


Burn out. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. You need to make something - a client design, a new blog post, a painting - and you are just, not, feeling, it. Inspiration is not coming through, and creating is feeling like a chore, rather than a joy.

What is a resourceful creative supposed to do?!

Try one of these:

Take a break.

  • Get your mind and your body away from the work for a while. Curl up and have a nap. Close your eyes and do a simple meditation or restorative yoga pose.

Get outside.

  • Nature. Fresh air. Our bodies crave and need these. When was the last time you stepped out of the office or studio? Go sit at the beach. Go on a hike. Step out on your balcony and breath in the view.

Move your body.

  • When you are stuck thinking and thinking it’s time to get out your head. Go for a walk. Take a fitness class. Jog around the block. Turn on some music and shake your ass.

Enjoy someone else’s creation.

  • Stop focusing so much on your own work. Go to a museum. Read a book. Listen to an amazing album. Scroll Pinterest. Let the infinite creativity surrounding us inspire you.

Make something else.

  • Get your hands or your head on another project. Put down the work you are “supposed” to be doing and tackle something else. Lighten your mental load by crossing something off your to do list.

Clean up your mess.

  • Have the conversation you need to have. Take care of the relationships in your life. If you have anything personal distracting you from your task, you’ll never let creativity through until you clear that. So clean it up.

Take care of you.

  • Give yourself some you time and tap into that self care. Take a bath. Go get a massage. Relax with a glass of wine. What gives you pleasure and makes you feel like your best self? Go do that right now.

Try something new.

  • Shake up your brain waves by learning something new. Cook a new meal. Get off the computer, and make something with your hands. Try ceramics if you're a writer. Try writing if you're a painter.

I know this all sounds very simple. That’s because it is. Try any one of these things and see if the energy doesn’t shift for you. If you’re still feeling stuck? Try something else from the list. Then get back to the work at hand and see what shows up.

To overflowing creative inspiration, Cheers, xx, Cort