012. Anelise Salvo


Anelise Salvo is a graphic and web designer based in North Lake Tahoe, California. Her company, Anelise Salvo Design Co., creates branding and identity for creative entrepreneurs. When she is not helping businesses get their start, she loves to be out traveling the globe. We met up with Anelise at her favorite coffee shop in Santa Barbara, right before she and her husband took off on their next adventure to Northern California. Over lattes, we got to chatting about starting your own business without a formal education, just so you can do what you love.


011. Bri Seeley


Bri Seeley is a fashion designer, author and leader based in Los Angeles. Her luxury fashion line, Bri Seeley, has won multiple awards. Inspired by the women she was dressing, she also founded The Inspirational Women's Project, which includes a book of interviews with women, as well as events and programs. We met up with Bri in her fashion studio and office in Los Angeles, where we had a chat about letting yourself take creative breaks to make space for new dreams.

Creative Start Bri Seeley Fashion.jpg

010. Katie Horwitch


Katie Horwitch is a writer, leader & speaker based in Los Angeles. As the Associate Editor of The Chalkboard Mag, she writes about wellness to a broad audience. Her personal brand, WANT, serves as a platform for women to find tools in her writing to let go of negative talk and find positivity. When she is not writing about wellness, she is teaching it through leading fitness classes and speaking at events like SXSW. We visited Katie at her loft downtown to have a glass of green juice and a talk about letting go of previous creative dreams to make space for your current ones.


009. Chelsea Cooper


Chelsea Cooper is a personal style and lifestyle blogger based in Los Angeles. Her brand, SoulCalChels, shares fashion and lifestyle content, as well as doing personal style sessions for clients. While using the site to work with brands that inspire her, SoulCalChels is rapidly gaining a dedicated following on both blog and instagram. We met up with Chelsea in Downtown Los Angeles out on a style shoot. Between shooting outfits for her blog, we sat at Zinc Cafe having lunch, coffee and a conversation about leaving fear behind and giving everything to what you are meant to be doing.

008. Gabe Michael


Gabe Michael is a producer and director based in Los Angeles. His company, Forge Apollo, creates handcrafted digital content for a range of clients on the east and west coasts. Their online content - including videos created for clients like Dell and Now Resorts, as well as their own original series - has over 265 million views. They recently launched their first full narrative series, Ambient, a sci-fi thriller they produced completely in house. We met up with Gabe in his Beverly Hills office, where - in between catching up with his business partner Ryan to put the finishing touches on their Ambient release = we had a chat about filmmaking and creating content that connects with an audience.


007. Sam Mascaro & Clary Jeffrey


Sam Mascaro and Clary Jeffrey are fashion designers based in Los Angeles. Their brand, Loincloth LA, creates clothing for the young and ambitious. Their clothing has been featured in fashion shows in LA, Miami, Phoenix and beyond. Selected as one of the few emerging designers at Phoenix Fashion Week, they had the opportunity to share their work and vision with a broad range of buyers and designers, leading to many upcoming collaborations. We met up with them in the Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District to shop for fabric for their upcoming lines, get some urban inspiration and have a chat about following your dreams.




006. Diliana Deltcheva


Diliana Deltcheva is a producer, dancer, choreographer and now creative event organizer, based in Los Angeles. In her day job as a Producer at Framework LA, she has done such cool things as help to choreograph the opening title sequence of New Girl, as well as produce many commercials and promos. Outside of work - feeling a pull for even more creative expression and community building - she is launching an event called Everyone Has Cooties, which brings creatives of all types together to explore gender roles through storytelling, comedy, music and poetry. We caught her during an evening in Venice, and between finalizing details for her upcoming event, we got take a stroll to the beach and have a chat about community and creativity.




005. Kate Bieschke


Kate Bieschke is a fine artist, photographer and weaver based in Los Angeles. Her work in many mediums has been featured in local & international art shows and publications. Her weaving company, EidieWeaving, has been featured and sold at the Renegade Craft Fair, One King's Lane's Hunters Alley, and praised in the press. Kate lives and works in The Brewery Artist Lofts in downtown Los Angeles. She invited us over to see her studio and chat about the life of an artist.

004. Ashley Streff


Ashley Streff is a commercial & advertising photographer and brand connector based in Los Angeles. Her company, Global Community Connects, provides connections for like minded sustainable brands through collaborative photography campaigns. She is also a VOGUE Art + Commerce represented photographer, and has her images featured by VOGUE Italia, Woman's Health Magazine, Yoga International and other publications. We caught up with Ashley - between all her world travels for work - in her Beverly Hills home, for a cup of tea, and a chat about struggle & success.

003. Elise Blaha Cripe


Elise Blaha Cripe is a blogger and maker based in San Diego. Through her blog, enJOY it, Elise writes about life, business, goals and craft projects. In her shop, she sells small runs of awesome handmade items, including her 2014 project, MAKE29. This year she is also introducing the idea of giving into her work with her new project MAKE&GIVE30. Once a week, Elise also shares conversations with other creatives on her popular podcast, ELISE GETS CRAFTY. Later in 2015, she will be launching a new planner called GET TO WORK BOOK. Or to sum it all up - as Elise likes to put it - she makes stuff like it's her job. Elise invited us to her bright & beautiful home office to have a cup of coffee, a chat and to see where she draws her inspiration.

Creative Start Elise Cripe Just Start.jpg

002. Jacki Carr


Jacki Carr is a goal coach, writer and speaker based in Colorado. Her businesses - Goals on the Rocks and Rock Your Bliss - share inspiring content with "goal getters" all over the globe. Jacki's writing and coaching is inspirational and designed to be the eye opening, yet compassionate, kick in the butt you need to achieve your goals. Jacki finds hiking and movement an integral part of the creative process, so after a cup of coffee and a chat in her Venice apartment, Jacki took us up in the Santa Monica mountains to get some fresh air and perspective. Shortly after we connected, Jacki and her man packed up their dogs and their California life, to tackle some of their biggest goals yet: moving to Colorado and getting married.

Creative Start Jacki Carr Reading.jpg


001. Heather Pennell


Heather Pennell is an intuitive photographer & brand strategist based in Vancouver. Through her brand, The Essence Oracle, she uses her skills in art, branding and photography to create online presences that entrepreneurs are proud of and feel truly representative of themselves. Heather's work is bright and authentic, and her inspirations are musical, earthy and consciously crafted. Heather travels the world to shoot on location, and while she was passing through Los Angeles, we met up on Abbott Kinney in Venice, for a stroll, a chat, and a dose of inspiration. 

The reality is that with any creative pursuit, you are not always going to feel jazzed up about it. You are not always going to feel excited about it - it’s hard to be that way. We are going to go through phases in our lives where you are not jumping out of bed excited every single day, and thats okay. It’s always about getting back to your why and the core of what it is that you want to communicate and when you connect back into that a lot of your passion will reemerge.
— Heather Pennell
Seeing that creative success was possible for others allowed me the confidence to see that it was possible to pursue it for myself.
— Heather Pennell
Who am I creating art for? If I am only creating it only for myself, how does that serve people?
— Heather Pennell
I love love love looking at other peoples art. Just being in someone else’s magnificence and seeing their artistry, blows me away. And all of a sudden I have to create.
— Heather Pennell