We're back!


That's right! Starters!

That's what we call those whose souls burst with creativity, whose head swirls with ideas that keep them up at night. The person who could spend hours picking just the right color, font, metaphor, fabric, or brush. And also the person who's ready to take the creative energy inside them and turn their calling into a career.

That's you.

And we're here to help.

It's been a while since you've heard from us and thats because we've been busy over here creating! Now that we are back, here are some things you can expect from us...

Okay maybe not THE answers, but we are going to do our best to help demystify the process of carving out a creative career. Every week on Tuesday, you'll receive an email that aims to answer one of the many questions we receive about creativity and getting your start. (PS: Have a question yourself? Ask us here!)

We are building an awesome crew of creatives over on our Instagram. It's here where we will get cool conversations going and we want you guys to engage and support each other. If you haven't already, come join the coolest kids on the internet!

Yes! Season Two IS coming - and we are very proud of it and the guests we have engaged to share their stories! We are mixing it up a bit and focusing each episode on exploring the rollercoaster of emotions we all experience as creatives. Look for this in the first half of 2018... We'll keep you posted!

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012. Anelise Salvo


Anelise Salvo is a graphic and web designer based in North Lake Tahoe, California. Her company, Anelise Salvo Design Co., creates branding and identity for creative entrepreneurs. When she is not helping businesses get their start, she loves to be out traveling the globe. We met up with Anelise at her favorite coffee shop in Santa Barbara, right before she and her husband took off on their next adventure to Northern California. Over lattes, we got to chatting about starting your own business without a formal education, just so you can do what you love.


011. Bri Seeley


Bri Seeley is a fashion designer, author and leader based in Los Angeles. Her luxury fashion line, Bri Seeley, has won multiple awards. Inspired by the women she was dressing, she also founded The Inspirational Women's Project, which includes a book of interviews with women, as well as events and programs. We met up with Bri in her fashion studio and office in Los Angeles, where we had a chat about letting yourself take creative breaks to make space for new dreams.

Creative Start Bri Seeley Fashion.jpg