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We get that in the world of art, authenticity can be hard to come by. But we think the fear of sharing with each other is silly and only hurts the community as a whole. We think that living a creative life and building a creative business shouldn't be a mystery. And we believe that success can be attained by everyone when we share our stories. Having authentic & raw conversations about successes, failures and strategies, helps to create a world where all creative beings feel inspired and empowered to define success on their own terms.


We believe in getting up early and staying up late to finish the project. We understand the deep internal need to share your art with the world. We get that you need another cup of coffee to pull an all nighter and finish the manuscript. We could spend hours picking just the right color, font, metaphor, fabric, or brush. Just like you do. We believe in your right to express yourself by living a creative life, whatever that means for you. And we want to help you use that personal definition to drive forward towards your goals & dreams.


We know from experience that creative goals can't be reached alone. We know that the knowledge gaps can be filled in much quicker by a network of friends, colleagues and conversations. We think that even if you are brand new, you should have access to the minds of creative professionals and the ability to get inspired by their stories and journeys.  We share content in mass to create a community of creative entrepreneurs willing to help and support each other. We believe there is space for everyone's dreams.

"I wish something like Creative Start existed when I first graduated art school."   - Heather Pennell

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When I first graduated art school with a degree in photography and a disjointed portfolio of collegiate work, I was naively surprised to find that my images were not immediately gracing the pages of my favorite magazines. In fact I was so far from that goal, and so utterly lost about how to pursue it, that I almost gave up, many times. Feeling discouraged by the lack of authenticity and community I was finding in the art world, and the lack of preparedness supplied to me by my professors, I began searching for answers and supportive mentors. What I found unfortunately were more exclusive communities and impossible to get into programs. 

Fast forward through years of hard work, cobbling information together, and building my own support network, I found creative success on my own terms. My photography & design have been published in cookbooks, on websites, in local & international advertising campaigns, and yes in some of those favorite magazines of mine. I am now the Art Director at a rapidly growing media company, I take on freelance work that inspires me, and I spend my days just like I'd hoped after school: shooting, designing & sharing my vision with the world.

Yet throughout my experiences, I continued to daydream about a scenario in which artists felt comfortable supporting and teaching each other, rather than fearful and protective of their secrets. I sincerely feel that finding creative success shouldn't have to be as mysterious, confusing or as difficult as it was for me and many of my colleges. I firmly believe that there is enough space for everyone to shine and I want to build a community of fulfilled creative entrepreneurs.

I am launching Creative Start with podcast interviews and photo essays because learning from the path that others have taken was the first step that I took at the beginning of my creative career. This content is only the beginning as I have big goals for the future of Creative Start and this community. I hope you'll make us a part of your journey.